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wiring on seed mointor

not sure how to test wiring of seed mointor . The mointor it self is ok  i had a friend with the same monitor and it does the same thing. it is telling all units failed. we have seed but no seed count.

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Asking question on the wrong forum ...

This is a question better posted on Machinery Talk or possibly even on the Precision page


Oh, and Mr (Ms., Mrs.) Moderator, PLEASE don't just grab this post and move it.  He might not find it if you do that.  Tolerate an error from a new member and consider it a learning experience.


I don't know your monitor (and it wouldn't help if I did) but if all units have failed the first place to check would locigally be power or ground  Most likely there is common power and common ground to each row plus one wire to each row for signal.  If either power or ground were broken it would fail everything.


Probably you need to break down and call a tech.  The first thing you need is a wiring diagram to know which contact is what.  Then it is a matter of running a test lead from one end to the other and checking continuity.  I did that one time on a 900 HRF Case planter.  Found a break in the wiring.  Cut and jumpered around it and last I knew it was still working.

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Re: Asking question on the wrong forum ...


A few ideas:


-  swith the monitor to count indiviudal seeds.   Then drop pebbles down the tubes.  See if the it will count indivuals.


- If it counts individuals but wont give a population you likely are not getting a signal from your radar or gps.   As I recall the signal speed needs to be synched between the two




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