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Advice on MF or other 90 to 120 hp tractors

There was great info info received on what 90 to 130 hp IH tractors you would recommend.  Can you all also provide info on what used MF or other tractors you would recommend in the same hp range and which ones to stay away from.  If tractor does not have a loader I will put one on.  Am a former JD man but cannot afford the hp for an early JD 80's or even late 70's model tractor, my budget is less than $15,000. In my area John Deere, IH/Case or MF mechanics can be found easily.  My farm will be strictly no till with occasional tilling when needed when crops are mudded out or when rough ground is picked up.  Will use a 6 row max emerge, potentially 8 row.  Will be farming small 6 to 30 acre patches.  Will start with 50 acres total and work up eventually to 200 acres in 3 to 5 years.  This will be my only tractor for now, will also mow around barns, clean holding pens of manure and hay from hay rings.  Want to make sure i have enough hp.  Also, my used tractor will come from llinois or Indiana.  .  Thanks in advance!