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Re: Best solution to free a tight engine?

On a Farmall H, we had that got seized, we soaked it for a few days with PB Blaster and WD40... scraped out all the obvious rust, got a good sized piece of wood that fit over the piston, and hit 1 once on each piston...  didn't get anything the first time... re-did the PB Blaster and WD40, waited again cause we were frustrated and did it again, and finally saw a little movement.  We rotated thru the cylinders till we got it moving about 1 inch, then wiped out all of the cylinders again...  then spun it over with the hand crank.  Put it back together.. it runs, but we need top pull it apart and do pistons and rings, as it smokes and blows out some oil.  It does run and work, but we really thought we had to get it free, to be able to really take it apart, as we weren't sure we would be able to get the block into our press to press them out.