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Re: Build My Own Sprayer?

what did we used to do before we got to the point we had to buy everything in town.......


depends on what you want to going to have to put some stuff together since our local coop just went up to $7.50 an

ac to spray, or even spread fertilizer.


if you want to go high tech, yet keep money in your pocket, you can get a raven crusier  (which will soon be replaced with

cx-7 field computer), that will give you about all you want for about $1525 or less.......want better gps, then add the

better antenna for $300 to $400 rather than hocky puck........then get you a spraymate II, and a cable to mate it with

the gps unit, for a 3 pt, you can use a simple system, so the spraymate II should run you less than $1100

if you want then, hook all that up to a motor controler for about $350 that microtrack makes, and it will do automatic

liquid fertilizer on a drill or planter, and based on speed, which is the way it sould be.


what in tarnation  are you trying to build ?  a 3pt, with hoods on it so you can spray your mary jane ??



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