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Re: Build My Own Sprayer?

I want this for spraying waterways, road ditches, contour strips and so forth, but I also want to do some light field spraying with it. I'm thinking 200 gallon because my tractors aren't that big anymore.   I haven't decided on boom length yet. 20-28', probably.  I'm on 8 30" rows.   I want 3 section GPS boom control.  I need a flow meter transducer.  I have AgLeader GPS antenna and Integra display.  As time goes by and I get smaller, which I absolutely plan to do, this will be my field sprayer, even though I have to fill often.


I love the Hardi diaphragm pump but am not sure I can find a diaphragm at a reasonable price.  I also want a hand boom/wand capability.


It would be nice if it would flow 35 gpa or at least 30 gpa, but if I have to I'll simply go over the ground twice.  I'll put liquid N on with it.


It would be nice if I had hydraulics on the boom so I could move the tips up and down for uneven surfaces, but that is probably dreaming.


I haven't found anyone who makes anything like this and the big boys don't even want to talk about anything less than 1200 gallon pull type sprayers so I feel like on orphan on this question.


What do you think?  Can it be built, or rather assembled, fairly easily?



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