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Re: Build My Own Sprayer?

I have a Hardi MK 150 3pth sprayer; the pump is a diaphragm type; I extended the boom (20" spacing) to 30 ft and added a 3 section electric control by Texas Industrial Remcor: it has no rate controller: I can spray 10 acres at 12 to 15 gal per acre; I have an EZ Guide 250 for GPS mounted just above eye level from the cab roof; I can see the light bar and screen at a glance without looking away from the direction of travel; if I come upon a higher infestation of weeds I can drop down a gear (6410 JD) for a higher rate of spray: it is a simple set up and I am more than pleased with the results; I have several grass waterways to spray around and the 30 ft boom is very manageable in tight corners; I have around $2500 invested in the sprayer and another $1000 in the GPS; every thing was purchased used.  

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