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Re: CIH 6088

Good morning gurly -  I have a 13  IH 6130 -  The 60 series - like the 6130 - Was based on the 2588 - The 2588 has around 305 horse - I believe the 6088 has about the same horse - my 6130 has around 320 + a power rise to 360 dumping on the go . I have a 30 foot platform and NO problems with it cutting beans - I was impressed the first year I ran it to tell the truth . But if the 6088 do's have 305 hp then It could be alittle short sometimes , I don't know if it has the power boost or not .


I did find out after I got mine - that IH offers a extended wear package on the combine - as in the induction cone and augers -  I was surprized by this and asked the IH dealer about WHY ??? He said it was a way to sell combines and a lower cost - move more machines ! I was NOT happy about this -  This was my 3rd season with mine and from the way it looks inside - My guess is that is do's NOT have the good stuff in the gut's - like the bed augers , clean grain augers , I need to check the cone this summer , Just something for you to check on thought .


Over all I really like mine - Have aways had a IH combine on this farm and this one is by far the most impressive we have had . I can NEVER remember the name of the engine in mine - but it's made in Italy and has the dep on it - I was afraid how this would work , but it is just fine - just need to keep it serviced - there are 3 filters on it just for the dep .


Good luck



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