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Good older farm dozer

Yes, everyone just thought......why not a skid steer!  Well, I did have one a while back and found it to be lacking on the heavier earth moving type projects.  Since then, I have acquired a backhoe , but some of the road building and other projects I need it for would benefit by the weight and compacting the dozer provides.  I have found a couple older deeres, a 440 diesel and a 350b.  The machines seem simple enough to operate and work on.  Cat has some nice smaller machines but are usually pricier.  Wondering what experience folks have had in the past.  The 440 has a detroit 2-53 diesel, but a completely refurbished track system.  The 350 is just a few dollars more, but more modern and the reverser is functional.  The 440 has a reverser also, but is on a pallet.....when it failed the owner replaced it with a solid shaft.  Other dozers are out there as, drott etc.  Not sure of parts acess to them though.  My deere dealer just down the road can still get parts for the deere.  Just looking for input on a nasty cold icey day.  TIA for help.

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