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Heading to AG CONNECT Expo -- what do you want to see?

Hi, all. We're making our final preparations to head to Atlanta for the AG CONNECT Expo trade show this weekend. 


We're going to be doing several things to cover the show (articles, videos, etc.). We'll have a lot of it here on the site, including here in Machinery Talk and also at our blog here


My role's sort of as the "roving reporter" at the show. I'll be wandering around chatting with folks about products, purchase decisions and more. So, I want to know from you: What do you want to see and learn in coverage of the event? What questions do you want answered? Because, I'll ask them for you! 


I'll also try to post updates here in Machinery Talk as well as probably over in Farm Business Talk throughout the event, which runs through Monday. I appreciate your input!