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How do you determine what is a fair price for an old tractor?

We have been getting a multi-colored stable.  Red, green, orange ... no blue or yellow yet. Anyway, I got a chance to buy another IH 966.  This give me 2 identical chore tractors, same filters, etc., so I am going to selI my gas 170 AC and gas 3010 JD.  Looking at various tractor trading sites I can find prices all the way from "I'd be nuts to sell it for that" to "You gotta be nuts to pay that for it."


How do you decide what is a fair starting point?


I know, you can always come down in price but you can't go up.  But if you start too high you'll scare folks off before they even look.  I don't buy and sell tractors that much. (both these tractors have a local history.  Both have spent their lives within about 5 miles of where they are setting now.) I don't set and study prices on TractorHouse every week. I don't want to take advantage of anyone ... and don't want taken advantage of. 


How do you determine what is a fair price?