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I find old-fashioned McCormick Farmall tractors charming, but...

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they are no longer practical for ag these days.


1. they were unsafe: they had no ROPS so they were death traps for farmers in their heyday

2. I don't think an effective aftermarket custom ROPS can be made for a 1939-1954 Farmall M anyway

3. the cherry-condition all-original tractors would be too valuble as collectors' items to do serious farm work anymore: they are now museum pieces

4. they lacked modern comforts as air-conditioning and a closed cabin to reduce dust exposure 


If I were to have a small, hobby, specialty (eg. goat dairy)  or family farm these days, I would be charmed by a modern blue New Holland with a closed cab, heater and a/c. I would want the model with the least high-tech features otherwise. No computerized programmable stuff as much as possible. As much human manual operation as possible. Just the safety and comfort of ROPS and closed-cabin climate control.