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Re: I find old-fashioned McCormick Farmall tractors charming, but...

JonBailey64 wrote:

I was in the army and drove a deuce-n-a-half diesel truck with no power steering. A real thumb-buster in the field in ruts.


This truck did have a seat belt. Not sure about cab-roll-over strength, however. I never drove a farm tractor but did drive

forklifts and a Hough wheel loader one time. Operated a wrecker crane mounted on a truck. Had some stick time with levers and hydraulics. 


Was a fleet truck mechanic. I am not at a stranger to nor intimidated by most vehicular machinery but a red Farmall on unstable tricycle wheels with no roll-bar bugs me. Farm tractors can tip in a ditch or on soft terrain. 


Unless you were an American soldier and froze your toes in a damp, muddy foxhole, don't you dare call me a sissy.





Tricycle doesn't make them unstable. Unless you have walked 5 miles in -50 windchill in crotch deep snow to take care of livestock don't tell who can or can not call some one a sissy.