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Re: IHC Tractor TV commercial from 1981

Oh, don't take me wrong either. The 50 series IH were a lot nicer than the JD's of that era and I agree about not paying a premium for green paint. I leased a 2755 MFD w/loader and a 2955 MFD w/loader for a short time just because the lease deal was very good and I needed tractors that size and Case had junk in that size range. I can't say I enjoyed running either of them myself but my men didn't complain! lol. Once the 7000 series came out I really liked them because they finally had a decent cab, hyd. system, etc., etc. and they also started to price them more in line with the competition. After all the ag. equipment business had finally weeded out the number of players in it hadn't it? JD had some stiff competition and they knew it. Smiley Happy