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Re: Interstate Farm Products

Regarding Interstate Farm Products - Topeka, KS (Joe Cole, Lance, Tammy, Claude) - we were a supplier of agricultural chemicals as they had always been a slow pay account. We shipped them 3 truckloads of product back in October 2015, which they paid for the first load. Since then, they have not paid us a dime. Joe, Claude, Lance and Tammy have gone quiet with no response. We filed a lawsuit as we were awarded a judgement from the courts for a large sum of money. Unfortunately, trying to get ahold of Joe Cole has been very difficult. We are not looking into the other companies they have started as they are no longer operating in IFP. Be aware of Wholesale Farm Products as well as Thunder Express trucking which are two companies Joe Cole and Tammy Arfmann have started since they stole money from customers and suppliers. I'm one of three companies with a judgement against Interstate Farm Products. I would recommend not doing business with any of these people unless you like to be screwed and have your money stolen.

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