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JD 980 Field Cultivator. Harrow not leveling adequate.

 I bought a John Deere 980 Field Cultivator last fall and have started running it earlier this spring. I am having a really hard time getting the harrow to level the ground really well behind the sweeps. The harrow is a 3 bar or channel with spring tines. New tines have are about 15" long and the current ones on there are 8-12" long. I have set my harrow in the lowest position possible and am running it level. I am running about 1.75 - 2.25" deep in ground that has been disced and NH3 pulled. I am running at an angle so I know it isn't the Nh3 strips. 

Is there a better way to set the harrow or field cultivator to get good level ground to plant into? Should I run the front of or back of the harrow lower? should I run the back or front of the cultivator higher? Does high or low speed work better? Are my current tines just too short? Or is the three bar spring tine harrow just inadequate? 
I need some idea on how to set this cultivatow as it is new to me. 

Thank You .