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Re: JimMeade....Oliver Tractors

I had four and farmed with them all these years.  Recently, I'm downsizing so I sold an 1855 and a 1550.  I still have an 1855 with spin out duals that I like and a tricycle gear 1755 with an 1855 engine in it.  Still use and like both of them.  I've been able to make almost any kind of repairs on the tractors.

Recently, I bought a M6-111 Kubota as a "retirement" tractor.  It's the one I'll have when all others are gone.  AC that works, a radio I can hear and FWA.  I bought it with a loader.

The Olivers have been money-makers for me but are slowly wearing out, as I am.  I'll probably have these two around as long as I'm actively farming.

There are still a number of local farmers running Olivers, and still some Oliver mechanics when I get stumped.