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Re: JimMeade....Oliver Tractors

Thanks Jim.....I was pretty sure you were the one farming with Olivers.  Have  some Mennonite's move in the area from Penn. or Ohio that run 1950 and1650 or may be they are 55's .  Other than a 77 and 1850 owned by neighbor I rent barn and shed space from ....not many left in the area.


 Always liked the older Oliver's.....Dad owned two...both 70's....46 and maybe 48 ?? This was in the mid-50's. They were not any more HP than the Allis tractors he owned but did have 6 - speed transmissions which worked better on our old Case chopper


 I farm with 70's IH tractors...1456...1466...52 SM and 66 Case 730.  Had to get Case in the mix after Tenneco bought IH lol



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