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John Deere R450 windrower

Was checking to see if anyone is using this windrower and overall how do they like it and how is it holding up.  I currently have a New Holland HW365 with 15' discbine head with about 850hr and about 8700 acres through it and it is just starting to get unreliable with little break downs often that can cost a day here and there.   That doesn't seem like a big deal but around here with the last couple of springs being very wet it is a big deal.   Feature for feature the JD seems close to what I have.   200hp vs 225 in the NH, both have suspension though my NH also has cab suspension.   The JD does have that active steering system which lets it go 21mph.   That would be a big plus in my book.  The biggest benefit I see is I have a  very strong JD dealer local and they are great for getting parts.  My header has 2 motors on either end that power the cutterbar.  JD has just one that sends power from the one side.  NH says that evens out the power flow.   Is this a big deal?   Also we don't have many rocks so not a big deal but has anyone ever taken out a cutter module on the JD and how hard was it.  They have a shear hub setup on theirs so that should limit any major rip downs.  Thanks

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