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Massey Ferguson Tractor Veterans (MF 1105 Multi Shift)

I recently purchased an 1105 Multi Shift and am adjusting to the handle and tendencies of MF versus John Deere tractors like 4430 and 4440 Quad Range types.  Big difference is in how cumbersome it is to shift to different gears on the 1105.  I changed all fluids, hydraulics, engine and filters.  When i dropped the oil pan for the hydraulics I found 1 lone pin about 1/2" long with a slight groove on one end laying next to the screen filter.  The hydraulic oil much less the filter did not appear to have ever been changed.  There were no other metal parts or shavings of any type found.  Tractor has 2948 hours, appear to be legit.  Met with mechanics and they said it appears to be a part of a cage bearing but no way of telling if it had been worked on or if pin was dropped during assembly.  Every thing on the tractor appears to run great; am familiar with John Deere rear ends that are going out and the shrill, loud noises they make but this tractor makes none of these.  Do notice that it is hard to shift in and out of gear.  At times i take out of gear and into park and when i release clutch the tractor is locked in place but will stall out and die.  If i catch it in time i can press the clutch return shifter back to the gear it came out of and then shift into park and will be ok, is this normal?  Also, many times I will take shifter out of one gear to change gears but cannot go into the next gear; I have to return to previous gear and then I can shift to the gear I want.  This is the only problem i have found, this tractor is awesome, the Perkins sounds like a dream and is very fuel efficient.  Can anyone tell me what they think is going on, is this normal for this series or does it look like problems down the road?