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Re: My RAM Pickup To Get New Software - Thanks, VW

I have a 2014 Ram 1500 Eco Diesel and concur that the engine-transmission combination is great for towing, but the cushy coil spring ride is too soft to feel secure when pulling my 28' travel trailer at higher speeds.  Inexpensive auxiliary air bags for the rear can be put on, and would be obligatory for a 1500 mile excursion with my trailer.  I kept accurate records for my first year of ownership and averaged 22.3 mpg overall, 8 mpg better than my experience with a 2007 gas Chevy 1500 used about the same way.  


I had no problems whatsoever with the truck until a NOX sensor failed at 46000 miles, followed by a second sensor on the same side of the engine 800 miles later.  Both the dealer and I thought the sensors would be covered by the 100 K engine warranty.  NOT SO!  However the dealer did cover the first failure.  Cost of replacing each sensor is over $500 including labor. There is a second pair of sensors on the opposite side of the engine that I now worry about. Full warranty of the pollution system would make sense on this new engine particularly when they can't sell any more of these trucks until they get the pollution system modified to the Fed's satisfaction...


The Wall St. Journal recently reported that Chrysler could be under the gun for more than four billion dollars with the EPA if they don't fix their software for this engine.  Chrysler does claim their fix is near and that fuel economy will not be compromised.  I did see a reduction in DEF consumption over time as my truck mileage increased that might be related to the software glitch or the failing sensors.  Still, this truck is the cleanest and quietest diesel I have ever owned.  It doesn't smell, smoke, or leave a residue on the exhaust pipe.