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NEW compact utility tractor, NH advice TIA

Our operation is NE US, small hay mostly plus some pasture mgmt.. Former dairy, 100 acres, 60 in hay, 30 in pasture. We trim old pasture for neighbors. Surely irritating to you all with big operations and real machinery but we will ask for insight just in case someone can help.


Tiring of JD 2C & old Ford  which are  fun and nostalgic but thinking of a new all around small compact utility tractor, idea would be to keep/use it for 40 yrs.  Good friend 2 counties away  is NH dealer, I see his ads offering a 30 or 35HP with bucket, and top, not enclosed. The bucket is only used for very light work, so no problem there being small. 35 HP can handle, my guess,   a 5 ft brush hog for pasture trimming but sure can’t run the old NH 7ft haybine.


Silly of me to bring up such a fringe subject but is 35HP just so small and limited, I should look at a 50-70 HP, lightness, ease to get around vs.  versatility /ability to do haybining, sq. baleing et al.  Is NH fine or is there a different brand we shoukd look at. .


Thx for any comment.