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Reviews on Gehl 1310 Round Baler Serial number higher than 18500

Hello, I am a new member here to the community.  For the past month I have been reading posts concerning round balers, likes and dislikes.  I am trying to purchase my first round baler, I am pretty sure that I want a fixed chamber baler.  They seem to be simpler to operate, the downside is the soft bale.  I plan to make  300 to 400 bales of balage and 100 to 200 bales of dry cow/ heifer hay a year.  My budget is very low, so I am limited to older balers. I have found a gehl 1310 baler that will be in an auction this Saturday. I went and looked at it, the bearings are good, the oilier is working, the rolls look good and the front roller has the slats.  Now there is mixed reviews on this baler and its performance, but I have not seen anyone talk specifically about the bale that it makes.  I have called dealers in Ohio, and Wisconsin that have sold many of these balers. They have told me it makes a very good bale as long as you slow down when the pressure in the chamber nears capacity.  For my low budget ($4000) max., I don't expect a perfect bale, just something that holds shape while handling, and tight enough to make good quality baleage.  Also can these bales be unrolled down though the manger? Any information would be great.