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School Project Help PLEASE

Well I have posted in the Farm buisness section and did not recieve the help i wanted on this subject, I felt more scrutinized than helped really.

After spending an hour or so calling dealerships from florida to south dakota I figure I would stop making a fool of myself over the phone and just ask a bunch of people at one time.


In my project "buisness" (That you can read about in the farm buisness area) I have "leased" 350 acres of gentle hills and river bottoms (that I actually live beside) to no-till plant and I have made a shopping cart of everything I "want" for my "farm", and I figured on "buying" a 30 ft 3 section sunflower grain drill and pull this with a Massey Ferguson 8160 (180 hp) or a Massey Ferguson 8280 (220 hp).


So question is Which tractor for the 30ft strictly no-till drill?


Pretty simple question I thought, but apprently dealers arent interested in helping a 17 year old with a school project.


If anyone knows how much it would cost in a rough estimate to plant and fertilize, herb/pesticide the 350 acres it would also be appreciated

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