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Re: Self Propelled Baler

Vermeer experimented with the side-by-side round baler concept years ago.  A couple of drawbacks to that idea are the width of two bale chambers compared to one, and of course the cost of two complete bale chambers.


Back in the 70s IH had a narrow parallel-bar rake that mounted on the front of the tractor pulling a baler or forage harvester so two windrows could be combined just ahead of the harvesting machine.  I think, without digging out one of my old IH Buyer's Guides, that it was probably hydraulically driven.  Seems like it wouldn't be too hard to make a homemade  wheel rake that would do the same thing, either on a loader or mounted to the tractor frame.  Or you could go all out and get a tractor with a front 3-point hitch.


I think the most unusual hay raking set up I've seen was along the Indiana Toll Road a few years ago.  On an Amish farm they had taken the tongue off an old steel-wheeled side-delivery rake and made a push bar for the back end.  It was being pushed across the field by a skid loader!