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Should I sell my air seeder and planter and go with one planter for corn and beans?

We recently had a member of our family come down with cancer, he normally takes care of 1/4 the work load. He is not available to help now and that we have the crops in this year we are thinking about selling a 36' air seeder and a 16 row corn planter and going with a 1780 or 1790. I am the corn planter, bean planter and sidedresser. That is why we are thinking about doing this. I have had 3 people tell me that we will be happy and one person tell me that we will be very disappointed. The biggest thing the guy said that I would be disappointed with, is carrying around all the extra rows when planting corn. (it will create more compaction). Does anybody have any thought on what the best way to look at this is?