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Re: Three-point Sprayer

Did not know if you had one or not, that's why I said 'if' you have and ATV.

Around here, most people have cattle, and everyone has an ATV to check irrigation and such.  Goes through mud like no pickup could (I'd say a 2 wheel drive ATV will go everywhere a 4 wheel drive pickup will, except maybe through deep snow, and a 4-wheel drive is in a whole different league). 

If your s-10 can maintain a steady speed, what about a little skid-sprayer that slides in the back of it?  They have them in 12 volt, and also powered by a little gas engine.  Might not be good at going through the field, though.
What I like about the ATV sprayer, is that if there is a weed patch, or a corner that the sprayer missed, I can get out there when I want to.  If it is way too muddy to get there with a tractor, I can still take the ATV, and float on top of wet ground (within reason, of course) and get the weeds while they are small, and easier to kill.

Around here, used ATVs start around $2000 for a 2wd in decent shape, and roughly $6000 for a new plain-Jane 4WD. 

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