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Re: Tractor Rear View Cameras?

I have ran the CAB CAM on the back of my no-till drill, and a camera underneath where it is hard for me to see if I get a plug. I tried a wireless version originally, then switched to a hard wired version. I am now, changing (upgrading) to a true WiFi camera that connects to a computer network that I am setting up in my tractor (no I won't have it connecting to the internet). I am doing this, because I can have several security type cameras, that can display and record on my tablet/computer. So, if I need to go review something that happened when I wasn't looking at the screen, it may help me figure things out. As far as looking behind while moving, any camera in my opinion is better then none, again I think the record feature of a security camera may be useful, in case there is an oppps.


As a note, my mirrors can't see behind my drill when it is winged up and I am moving down the road.

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