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Re: Tractor Rear View Cameras?

My setup... while not installed yet, but tested in the shop is this:


DLink Wireless router (has 4 LAN ports and wireless) - DIR-655, runs off of 12v 2Amps.  This will be wired to a key'd power source in my tractor.  It is setup to use local IP addresses on the Wireless and LAN ports (not planning to use the LAN ports at this time).  I will mount this somewhere out of the way in the cab.


I have a RAM mount holder, that holds my medium sized iPAD that is in a defender case (otterbox), that connects to the WiFi from the router in the cab.  You can verify it is connected, by connecting to the routers config webpage.


On my no-till drill I am installing a DLink outdoor wireless sercuity camera (DCS-2330L), this camera runs off of 5 volts dc , but comes with a 110v AC power cord with a transformer.  I cut the transformer off, and used a voltage regulator 12v dc to 5v dc to connect that to a power source I already have on my drill.  This wireless camera was configured to connect to my WiFi network that is boradcast from the tractor.  Can have security setup on it if ya want.  I am starting with 1 camera, but if the first week goes good, I plan to add several more.


After it is powered on, I open a website for the camera to watch/configure and use the security camera all from my iPad.  Because it is not "internet connected" it will not effect data usage.


Does that make since?

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