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Re: Nice canopy mike.

I looked at the canopies offered by the manufacturer and aftermarket.  They cost too much and didn't cover enough.  Mine extends beyond the roll bar in all directions. This is my second generation.  The top photo was my first attempt.  OriginalIy we threw it on and rachet strapped it down.  Then we got fancy and drilled a few holes and zip-tied it on.  That worked well for a while, but it came off while trailering it and I didn't find it until it had been ruined. The currrent version is in the bottom photo  it has 3 U-bolts in front and 2 bolts with fender washers in the back.  The middle U-bolt has a piece of steel bolted to it for my Outback S-Lite GPS antenna to mount to.


Jessie asked what I have added?  You've seen the clover seeder.  My first addition was a big convex mirror. To try it I bolted it to a scrap of aluminum angle and hose clamped it to the roll bar.  That worked so well I left it.


In the interest of safety I mounted an amber LED strobe near the top left rear side of the roll cage. It has a switch to choose between strobe or continuous to light the bed. It's wired to the tail light. I have 2 of them, but it is so bright I felt 2 would be blinding at night.

IMG11244 (text).jpg  If you look closely you'll notice there is a piece of foam backing the SMV.

It was a floor mat of some kind laying around I cut to fit so the SMV didn't vibrate and rattle against the expanded metal of the screen.

Technically the SMV is not legal. Not because it is blocked by the tank, but the use of an SMV on a UTV is questionable.  I decided I was using for farm use, could not travel over 24 MPH (I checked with my GPS), and it made me safer.

IMG11242 (Small).jpgThe hitch was aftermarket, installed by the dealer when I bought it.

Dad had a 50 gallon aluminum tank, I think off a JD plate planter, he had modified to carry  water when camping. Newer campers had bigger tanks. We use it various ways. He made the wooden cradle you see in the photo. I originally mounted it length ways in the bed but it required the tail gate be open and made hauling anything difficult.  I modified it to sit crossways which also brought the center of gravity forward. It raised it a couple inches but that didn't seem to affect stability any.  The wood has now been replaced by two aluminum square tubes that are bolted in permanently.  That lowered the tnk to the top of the box.  I can set the tank in and strap it down in a couple minutes.We use it to water new planted trees.


I bolted a couple eyes originally to slip in a pickup truck stake hole on the inside right side that I tarp strap a 12 volt battery in place with. I have a pump which I put in place.  We mounted a couple fire extinguishers outside the bed, threw in 50 feet of hose, put a blue light on the top and it became a fire dept unit for our July 4th celebration in 2012.  Somehow I got the job of being "tail end Charlie" in local parades.  I bought a used light bar, ratchet strap it on top, and use the battery to power it.  Folks know when they see me it is all over.


I have a 15 gallon sprayer that straps to the tubes.  The 12 volt battery runs it. I chose to use an extra battery instead of the electrics on the Mule because I was not sure it would carry the load and didn't want to risk being stranded in an awkward place.


My generator fits in the bed nicely, so if needed I can take it between locations for use.

Image1788 (Small).jpgNo, that is not the best place for the gas cans.

I think if I removed the wheels I could turn it sideways and get a small air compressor in beside it.


I have a windshield, but most of the time leave it off. It's nice in rain, driving under irrigators, or in the winter.  But it also causes dirt and dust to sirl up behind it in the operator's face in dry conditions.  And when it's hot the air flow is welcome.


I plan to remove the single tail light and put a pair of LED rubber mounted ones on the corners of the roll cage. And if I find a cheap two-way on ebay I am going to mount it permanently.

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