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What row cleaners to buy

I have a jd 7000 planter I want to put row cleaners on.  This will be used on irrigated corn on corn ground.  Ground is classified as sandy & highly erodable.  We  generally have lots of trash even after grazing cows.  I have noticed that places where I had a skip, there was lots of trash. when planting, I thought my planter was doing a good job.  I am wondering the problem is the ground not warming up quick enough.  this is in NW Nebraska and planting in the first part of May.

 I see one of the local BTO's run Groff ag wheels and all the local green paint dealers seem to sell them.


Have heard some good about sunco & dawn.


I would like to hear about likes and dislikes and opinions of different brands. 


We sometimes have a problem with the ground staying cold in the spring, I am thinking I need to get some bare ground near the row.  Ground is highly erodable so we have to have some trash.  I have heard mention that the sunco's move to much.  Why is that a problem?  does one have to be concerned with the wind blowing the trash back on top of the planted area?