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Re: Which stick welder should I buy?

Ne farmer good post.


I might suggest you find a nieghbor with both or maybe the welding shop in your area and see if they will let you use both a stick and a wire welder. Maybe a community type college in your area with a autobody or repair type program. Talk to the instructor and tell him your needs or desires and try both before you decide.


a stick welder for what you are talking a bout can be had at your local farm store for a few hundred dollars. Wire welders will be more expensive and do not get one capable of less than 200 amps. The biggest thing about welding is where are you going to be welding? If out side in the wind is the answer then Stick is the only good answer. Wire welders need No wind locations. If you will be doing your repains in a a shop better consider a wire welder. I have both and almost never use the stick anymore.