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Re: Which stick welder should I buy?

One comment:   When I got my wire welder, the salesman talked me into the next model up from what I thought I wanted, because it was capable of running thicker flux cored wire.   A couple years back, I bought a spool of .045 flux core wire, and from that day forward, the old arc welder sat in the back corner of the shop, except for one time, when I needed to weld on something high up on the combine.   The gun for my wire welder wouldn't reach, so instead of lift it up with a loader, I used the arc welder because I had extensions for the leads.

I have found that with good flux cored wire, you can weld in just as much wind, and through about as much rust as a stick welder.  You do need to reverse the polarity from gas shielded wire, though, which takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes, depending on the welder.