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Re: Which stick welder should I buy?

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Hey guys, thanks for that so far.

What applications do you use AC for and DC for? I understand both of those describe which way the electricity flows-- i.e. batteries one way, DC, outlets AC- move back and forth. I am guessing it depends on the metal and surface cleanliness/thickness?

I have found one that is capable of 225A in AC and 150A in DC. Should I insist on having at least 200 amps in DC?


Also, I understand duty cycle, but you guys made good points about weld strength, if welding is slow and the molten pool cools. Whats the minimum duty cycle that you would even consider using and expect a strong weld?

at 25 VAC and 225 A, and if I was welding out in a field, my generator would be operating at almost 90% capacity... Funny thing is, when I bought it, I thought it was an overpowering generator! I am likely going to have to go to 230/240V plug in to make this work on power and my generator. Otherwise the power switch will kick off.

finally, any suggestions on ones I should look at? Been looking at some from Miller-- either too small or too big. Hobart-- only 20% duty cycle on their biggest model. I'm going to continue my search here on the net. If you guys know what works well, that certainly helps.

I definitely don't want to go MIG, as my mech says most guys can't clean the surface well enough, and wind becomes a severe issue for a lot of guys. He uses only stick, and strongly suggests stick for my application. Of course, he does all his work outside in the elements, so obviously he is using stick.