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Re: Which stick welder should I buy?

PS when I suggested 225 Amps or bigger, I meant 225 MAX amps, and the max amps are usually rated in AC, because going through the DC converter will cause you to lose some.

The 225 AC and 150 DC would fall under what I'd call big enough for farm work.   That is enough to handle a 1/8 inch rod, which is probably the biggest you will be using.

One thing to note, is that with a stick welder, your max power requirements are regulated by the size of the electrode.  A 1/8 inch rod, for example, only requires a certain amount of current, and for thicker metal, you go another pass (which is why I like a fairly high duty cycle, if it takes 3 passes, the quicker you can stack the welds on top of each other, while still hot, the less stress you will introduce into the beadss.  I like to chip slag, peen it just a bit, and go. 

It is when you get a wire-feed welder, that output REALLY matters, because with a wire feed, the biggest factor on how much power you will need, is the thicikness of the metal you are welding.