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Re: Which stick welder should I buy?

I am interested in the Global Industrial StickWeld 250™ 250 AMP Stick Welder.  It would need garden sized cables to go with it.  The arc is like a pin so if you go over ~150 amps regardless of stick size or material size you have to into the weld rather than backhand and use extra pennies and drop it into water hard to deslag.  Even then it is going to need something like 7018 to finish the sides of the weld which can be pinged off.  Clamp the material to aviod warping.  I like sand and a baking soda solution to wash the weld work and hard paraffin wax on my electrodes.  Not to much because it can volitalize.  Not like fire is that big of a deal at that point.  Charcoal makes good hard small welds but I get rust like that.  Again pennies would help.