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Re: cost to move a center pivot

Just talked to "my" pivot dealer. He said they figure $7.00 ($3.50 to take down and $3.50 to put back together) per foot to take down, transport and rebuild a pivot. Another additional cost that is sometimes not thought of is using new bolts and gaskets. He said that can run between an additional $1000 - $2500. I think you definately need new gaskets while you are taking it apart. Reusing lock nuts may be another thing to stay away from.


We usually put the pivots we buy together ourselves. It is not rocket science -- a lot like a big erector set, if you remember those as a kid. We don't get it done in one day like a lot of the crews do, but it saves some money and allows us to put some of those savings into buying tools like generators, impacts, three-point booms, etc. that we can use on other projects. I takes us about 5 days. A four man crew works best.


We did go get a three tower pivot several years ago, take it down and put it back up ourselves. That wasn't too bad. We also bought another 3 tower pivot that we towed about 20 miles to our field. We won't do that again; will leave that to the professionals.


Good luck.

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