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magnum 7150 manuals available?

We recently bought a 7150 tractor but have no manuals. The dealer has the operators manual for $150.00 which sounds like a lot. Does anyone have an operators manual or possibly a repair manual available? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

The console on the tractor has a small icon that says service. Any ideas on how to find out what that means? We do not have this on our 7130 tractor so are trying to figure it out. We do have the low coolant light on- I believe a malfunction =possibly a sensor-could this be it? We do not see this with the 7130 when it has a low coolant light so don't know where to go from here.

Also we have been trying to get the overflow return for the radiator on our 7130  to work but can't seem to find a problem. It will send excess to the overflow tank but does not suck back into the radiator when it cools, We can't find anything-ie leaks etc that are a problem but maybe just don't know where to look? Thanks again.