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need lots of advice on choosing a 60-100 HP utility tractor - new !

Tractors, the landscape looks so vast, so many brands, so much variation in transmissions to everything. Any insights here would be appreciated. Considering making the plunge into a new tractor, 1st time not used.


Specs:  60 – 100 HP Utility, probably 4 WD, for all around use NY PA  hay farm. Needs are run small Sq baler, NH haybine, bush-hog pastures,  haul hay wagon up to 10 mi one way(4Ton), bit of logging. Relatively low hour use, ~200 annual. Objective is ease of maintenance, reliability, fuel economy favored over price. We are used to old JD 30 series that run like new and are very fuel efficient. Ha! Would rather pay more for a tractor that will run like new at age 35 than save $8,000 now.

Sounds simple but easy starter is important to us.


Not 100 % sure on 4 WD or open vs closed cab. Thinking diesel. Do you get more work per gallon from diesel?


And engines, Perkins, Caterpillar, Japanese diesel. Others, when there is a choice. Comments?


More minimal is OK, though we may like finally having some comfort of handling.

IE is the Challenger more basic than other Agco products?


NH and Deere have fairly close dealerships.


Are base prices only available from dealers? Can’t find them on line.

Do dealers have a lot of room to work? Is it rude to say, I want this configuration, and ask 4 dealerships for quotes? Or build loyalty for when we need that part quick and not press them too far.


All over the place here, but grateful for any insights or suggetions on what to study.