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rolabar 258 rake trouble

I bought a used rolabar rake last year and have twice broke the universal joint at the wheel hub where the drive telescoping tube meets the wheel.  This joint  has a sharp angle but there must be thousands of these rakes in use. Has anyone had problems at this point or any idea why this is causing me a problem.  I raked maybe 50 acres before it broke after being replaced.   The gear box  doesn't get warm so it seems to be running right.   I must be doing something wrong but  don't see it.  Is it OK to back these rakes up?  They seem to freewheel when backed up. I don't start with big jerks.  The Telescoping assembly  doesn't slide all the way out and I don't see what keeps it in the tube. Is that the way it's made?  Any ideas will help.



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