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Re: upgrading nt drills

If you are going to no-til you might want to pick up a great plains no-til drill.  I have one 25 ft. wide, the coulters on it each one  must weigh 30# (maybe less), It has ten inch spacing and grass seed on it, has a monitor on it.  I use it solely for drilling soybeans. It is a heavy drill folds up so it will go through a 15 ft gate, holds 50 bushels of .soybeans, You must have a heavy tractor to hook it to, I have it hooked to an older JD8640 with duals, which is  left on it and only used when beans are drilled.  This drill willl lift the rear end of a heavy row crop tractor off the ground, plus you need a heavy tractor when drillling hills and you are going down hill.  It will push the tractor if the tractor does not have the weight. 


This is an older drill and also comes in 30 ft. length and folds up, they are not expensive they run from $15K-20K.  They are much better and heavier than a John Deere Drill, and you can by one of them for the price you would pay for a drill half their size.  Adios Amigo. John

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