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Re: upgrading nt drills

I hired a crustbuster drill in 93 to drill beans and in to many places he couldn't get in the ground deep enough for good coverage of the beans. Luckily damp weather after planting got the beans up.(crustbuster may have been redesigned since then)

In 94 I bought a new greatplains 15' with their caddy, the drill followed the caddy great on contours but the seed depth control was terrible because of a few things.

                           1. the 15" tires that carried the drill wieght when planting were a multi ribbed implement tire. I replaced those with tires front tires a backhoe they had a much bigger foot print which gave a more consistant depth between fully loaded and almost empty.

                           2.I had to also put cyl stops on the caddy so I could use the wheels on the caddy helping with depth control when loaded ,at 1/2 empty I pull a cly stop off the caddy .

 This was the only way I could control the depth for me.I did not like the drill


In 2004 bought a slightly used 1560 JD drill,it worked good for consistant depth, I think it pulled easier than the greatplains eventhough the JD is heavier but I had to do some changes on the JD.

                         1.The harrow was too heavy and would break cyl bracket on the rear gang of openers, so I built the harrow it's own lift cylinders.

                         2.Put Thompson spiked closing wheels on ,but when you do that you must also replace the original seed press wheel because it will not and never did actually press the seed in because the wheel was to wide to get down in the furrow properly.The press wheels I installed were from Case(they use them on drills)and from I think Venemin (I know I butchered their name) .the Venemin is just a little narrower than the Case but both seem to work fine and can replace JD without any adapters, same for the Thompson closing wheels.


I plant soybeans,oats w/alfalfa,wheat (all no-til) have not used it for cover crops yet, had those flown on.                     





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