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1086 Sidedressing

Looking to sidedress with 11 shank applicator, about 40 lbs per acre of 32%. Problem is applicator is hydraulic, I know I can bunge my lever but dont I run a risk of burning up the pump. Any out there done this.

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Re: 1086 Sidedressing

It depends on your 1086. My brother has a 986 with the setup for running a hydraulic motor continuously.  I believe it was optional in the later model years.  The easiest way to tell the difference from our neighbor's 986 with the standard hydraulics would be the addition of a spin-on hydraulic filter under the cab, in front of the battery, on one side.  The filter was part of the optional hydraulic package, along with I believe a bigger cooler, and possibly even pump.

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Re: 1086 Just do it

The newer 1086's had closed center hydraulics, but if yours is open center, do it anyhow.  I run my hay rakes and sprayer, and hydraulic livestock chute with IH tractors all the time and never had a problem with them getting hot.  If you don't need the power, throttle back a bit, but it will be ok anyhow.

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Re: 1086 Sidedressing

   I remember reading about doing this in some magazine, maybe SF.  The writer said it would be OK if you hook the hoses up so you hold the lever forward to make whatever you are powering work.

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