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1194 Brent Grain Cart

Just a chance to vent a little is all, bought a new Brent 1194 grain cart in 07 with walking tandems with 480/80R42 Titan tires.  Noticed a break by the bead on one tire and before we got it parked the tire blew standing still and dented the rim.  Tire was a load range 162 or 10500#.  Couldn't find in the country, back ordered.  Looked at our other cart with Titans and they were load range 166 or 11200#/tire.  Tried to find one of them same story.  Was asked by one dealer how old the tire was, couldn't see date code on that side so went to look on other side of cart and couldn't believe my eyes.  Both tires on that side were 18.4R42  2 star Titans rated at 6950#/tire.  To make matters worse started looking over the 3 remaining and the other 10500# tire has the same problem and will blow shortly.  The 6950# tires look fine.  Since I'm not fond of the Titans since they weathercheck so bad we put new Firestone on with a 154 lr or 8250# since we could get one.  Not a big fan of Titan tires right now and not real happy with Brent for pulling that stunt.

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Re: 1194 Brent Grain Cart

I havent heard very many good things about the titan tires, especially the implement tires, put a small back on my 860 MF combine before i heard all the comments, but its been three years and i havent noticed anything and its never been in a shed.

Have to agree though, i wouldn't be happy with Brent either.

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