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12 Row JD 1760 Conservation Planter

Hi Guys,


What can you tell me about planter.  I'm looking at purchasing a used one with a 250 monitor.  This is a 98 model that is MacEmerge Plus vacumeter planter.  What is your experience with this planter?  How would you rate this this planter?  What areas of concern do they have?




Mt. P Farmer

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Re: 12 Row JD 1760 Conservation Planter

just traded one of these for the new version. concerns are the common ones, openers, scrapers, it was not uncommon for me to have to replace 1-2 seed sensors /year. Not sure why. the bottoms of the seed tubes can get worn. As far as rating the planter I liked how the bar folds, the markers , and that I could put my starter tanks on the bar/planter. We had cih planters before(800, 900,955) and thought their row units were supperior to the jd, but the jd spacing is better. that's my .02. good luck

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Re: 12 Row JD 1760 Conservation Planter

Have row cleaners & fert tanks mounted on mine. Really like the planter, bought it used. I think mine is a 98 model as well.

We go through it every winter, only thing is I want to go to 16 row!

Take care of it and it will last a very long time

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