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19 hp Kohler engine froze

I have a Cub Cadet that the PTO went out on several years ago, so I  bought a mower and let it sit.  I did have it running a year or so ago.  This summer, I got to thinking of a project so I dragged it up to the shop and lo and behold, the PTO problem seems fixable.  Now, however, the motor is stuck.  IT will spin readily to a certain point and then it's stuck fast.  I wonder if a valve is hung up?  I pulled a plug and squirted in some ATF and diesel.  Doesn't help.

Is it worth any time and effort to try to get this thing running?  I'm not a small engine man. 

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Re: 19 hp Kohler engine froze

..It's the 19 horsepower twin isn't it?... You should be able to pull the valve covers off...and see if you can move the valves (do one side then the other..might not need to do both).. Squirt some penetrating oil down through the spring on them..and bump them with a block of wood to see if they move. I'm not sure...but I think that motor has hydraulic lifters in it (Pretty likely if it has an oil pump and filter)

...if don't need to adjust them. I believe the bolt that holds the rocker just bottoms on the top of the head..and everything adjusts itself. Make sure the valve moves freely before starting..or you might hang it up..and end up bending it or a pushrod.

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