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1997 JD 8100 MFWD tractor w/1455 hrs: $91,000

Wow.....on Tuesday farm auction in east-central Nebraska by Stock Auction Co. a very nice 1997 JD 8100 MFWD tractor with 1455 hours sold for $91,000. That's HIGHEST SALE PRICE I've ever seen on an 8100. Here's link to "Machinery Pete" Facebook page with a pic of this 8100:


Covering farm auction in central Iowa today, will post Youtube video highlights tonight.




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Re: 1997 JD 8100 MFWD tractor w/1455 hrs: $91,000

Hey Pete when you post articles such as this would it be possible for you to inform us what the tractor sold for new and wat a new tractor of this size sells for?  Thanks!

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