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2011 6.7 liter deisel

Looking at buying 2011 f250 with new 6.7 liter motor .   I need to know the likes an dislikes .

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Re: 2011 6.7 liter deisel

Am also considering buying a 6.7 so am interested in the same.  Also am considering a 6.2 gas, diesel has a lot against it- cost of fuel, DEF, cost of the engine.  Just afraid all that torque will really be missed when you hook to a big trailer.  Thanks

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Re: 2011 6.7 liter deisel

when i took my 6.o in they said ( the techs) had no probs what so ever and they tell the truth  ithink. they remind me how sorry my 6. nothing is. god that is a lot of money plus the price of def

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Re: 2011 6.7 liter deisel

I just recently purchased a 2011 F-250 XLT crew cab 4X4 with the 6.7 Diesel. I did a factory order on this to get it just the way I wanted it. I got it with the 3.31 and gearing and 18" tires to get the best mileage I could. Most of my heavy pulling will be on farm at lower speeds so I didn't need a low geared rear end. The six speed transmission has plenty of gear choices so I will do my gearing there. 400 hp and 800 ft.lbs of torque helps too.

I only have 2,000 miles on it now but like what I have seen so far. The engine is quiet (for a Diesel), doesn't smoke or smell and in the driving I've done so far, has plenty of power. The overall mileage so far is around 18 mpg, not bad for a truck this size. I have seen 24 mpg on open highway doing 55 mph. 50- 55 mph seems to be the sweet spot for good mileage. Driving 70 mph on the freeway gets you down in the 19 mpg range.  

Do your own comparisons on gas vs. diesel. Everybody's needs are different. Look at what used gas 3/4 ton trucks sell for against diesels. The cost of a new diesel isn't that big when you look at what it is worth used compared to a gas. Do the math on how for you can drive on 25 gals. of Diesel vs. gas. and compare the costs at the pump. 4-5 better mpg with the diesel at 35 cents more at the pump at my location. The cost of the DEF that you have to add is a minor cost when you consider how far you can drive before you have to refill the 5 gal. tank. I think it works out to about every oil change.


Hope this helps.

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