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24 ft disk behind a IH 1586

How wide of a disk can I expect to pull with a well weighted down IH 1586. Looking at a 24 ft JD 235. Can I pull it? If not what size would be right anticipating putting a rolling basket of some kind behinf it.  Thanks !!!

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Re: 24 ft disk behind a IH 1586

No problem, should be able to pull it and a rolling harrow. 

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Re: 24 ft disk behind a IH 1586

Shouldn't be a problem on firm fall tilled ground in the spring. In spring plowed or chiseled might want a little more flotation..because the tractor is going to sink in it more. Good tires (Radials) and you should have plenty of horsepower (160-170) on the PTO will be fine.

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