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(3) Minature 1939 JD B tractors - Mississippi

Below is link to Youtube video I just posted, some fun stuff I ran across at Alcorn Farm & Machinery Show in Corinth, MS today. I talked with Raymond Miller from Tennessee who showed me the cool (3) minature scale versions of his 1939 JD B tractor he built and shows at regional farm shows. Then I visit with Larry Nelms of Cornith, MS. Larry shows me (4) of his 20+ pulling garden tractors he's souped up, one with (2) engines and a John Deere that has only lost one pull...ever. Here's the video:


Later today (Saturday) I will covering the large dealer/consignment auction by DeWitt Auction Co. at the Crossroads Arena here in Corinth, MS. Lot of nice equipment, should be quite a sale. I'll post Youtube video highlights after my drive home to MN after the auction.




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