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3 phase converters

Looking to put in two 60 hp rotarty phase converters and had a couple of questions on sizing things. 


1.  WIth the conveters there will be two 120v lines and then the manufactured line of 240v so when sizing the wire going to the motors do you size it on the 120v,  the 240v line, or both. 


2.  I am setting up two seperate breaker boxes one for each converter do you use the 120v rating or the 240v rating to size the box and breakers?


3.  What size single phase drop would you need if the converters are rated at 150 amps a piece?  I have it figured at 600 amp entrance because by my calculations 400 amp won't quite make it. 


If I am thinking about this all wrong try to explain it to me or any good websites would be appreciated. 



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Re: 3 phase converters

I don't know much about your voltage or amperage questions...but I do know this. If I were putting up a grain system today...all the motors would run on 480 volt, 3 phase. That's pretty much the industry standard..and cuts your amperage needs considerably. Wiring is also going to be quite a bit cheaper, because you'll be able to use smaller wire.

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